Sarepta Oil- Quick Win Incremental Oil Recovery

Technology & Capital Provider

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Sarepta Oil is a Norway based service company consisting of unique EOR specialists from the Norwegian E&P environment. Sarepta offers capital and technology for no cost implementation of quick win, green, state of the art EOR & oil production enhancement measures world wide.


Today’s oil production strategies (Primary & Secondary recovery) leave 80-50% of original reservoir oil in place behind at abandonment. Resources which could drastically enrich countries and its people both with jobs and energy.

The reason we only manage to recover 20-50% of the oil, is lack of cost efficient green EOR technology. Countless studies have been done to develop suitable technology, but so far little focus has been on integration of methods and implementation of lab studies in the field.

Current low oil price environment further enhances the problem due to decreased revenue & liquidity squeezes for oil companies. Oil fields which used to be profitable are suddenly losing money, but can’t invest in improved production and can’t shut down due to high abandonment cost imposed by governments.

Most companies today are in a mode of stalling & waiting on better oil prices; cutting costs & restructuring of debt, which, without liquidity for investment into EOR is a controlled disassembly of business.

Mission statement:

Sarepta Oil aims to be world leading in quick win, state of the art green EOR technology, implemented without initial cost for small & medium sized oil companies.

Sarepta Oil Value for clients:

  • Created integration of fast response increased oil recovery technology: well treatments (cleaning/stimulation/water shutoff), reservoir management (water diversion for increased volumetric sweep, surfactant soaking for increased microscopic sweep efficiency)
  • Workflow Excellence, with high focus on planning and preparation. Chemical optimization in laboratory for individual reservoir conditions.
  • High quality, network based company structure for high success factor and lowered risk in execution